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Utilize More Local Subcontractors

Increase Diversity
Minimize Risk

Every general contractor is aware of the importance of utilizing local subcontractors, more small subcontractors and more ethnically diverse subcontractors; even in jurisdictions where such requirements are not legislated.

Why? Because it’s simply good public and community relations; and good business since some of these local people can offer better service and lower prices.

So why do general contractors have trouble finding qualified subs meeting these criteria?  It is often because smaller companies cannot handle the mobilization investment needed to do larger projects and/or can’t handle the negative cash flow while waiting for outstanding invoices to be paid.

DevCorp Mobilization Funding Increases The Talent Pool

DevCorp solves these problems by providing funding for qualified contractors to take on your jobs.  We provide both mobilization funding and ongoing accounts receivable funding to enable you to work with smaller local companies – and help small players to become bigger players – safely.

DevCorp Helps You Screen

Since DevCorp’s underwriting criteria are centered largely on a contractor’s ability to complete the jobs we finance for them, we are particularly thorough in qualifying them.  We contract with construction experts to analyze a potential client’s capabilities before we approve them.  We also thoroughly check their business history because we want people with a record of completing the jobs they start.

A Third Party Administrator Oversees Everything

With DevCorp you get an experienced and reliable Third Party Administrator to handle due diligence, make sure work is being done as agreed and see that funds are going where they are supposed to go.  Again, your financial safety is always a concern.


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